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June Specials

Summer is here,

Kick it up a notch with …

Skin Care Boot Camp!

Microdermabrasionreg. $100per treatment

Facialsreg. $140per treatment

Sunscreenreg. $35

Boot Camp Price: $220

Botoxreg. $14(per unit)

Now $11(per unit)Minimum purchase is 25 units

Fillers 15% off

TL Walters, LME

860 Perry Road Apex, NC



TL Walters Aesthetic Consultant

Family Dermatology:

Apex, 860 Perry Road

Raleigh, 5603 Duraleigh Road
Suite 111 919-791-0840 Ext 113

TL Walters, LME

New aesthetician hours:

Raleigh office: Monday 8-4:30
Apex office: Tuesday-Thursday 2-8,
Friday and Saturday 8-3